Protect yourself against phishing attacks

Phishing attacks have compromised record numbers of businesses in 2018.  A compromised email account or computer can lead to multiple types of cyber liability exposure.  The article below provides an assortment of tips to help protect you from phishing.  To further mitigate this risk, contact DSP today to learn more about cyber liability insurance.



Self-driving technology

Self-driving technology may offer motor carriers a way to increase efficiency and improve safety, but there are a number of topics to consider before you start using these vehicles. Click HERE to read this article to brief yourself on the benefits and risks of this new technology and see if it’s a fit for your business.



Firework Safety Tips

The summer months may be the perfect time to enjoy firework shows or even light some with your friends and family, but even the smallest sparkler can get hot enough to burn through clothing or start fires.  Click the link below for some simple safety tips that can help keep you and your loved ones safe this Fourth of July.


Cyber Risk and Liabilities


According to a Norton Security Insights Report, more than half of the adult population on the internet in the United States were affected by some sort of virus or malware in 2017.  That equates to approximately 143 million Americans. Those consumers lost roughly $20 Billion from those attacks which were the results of consumers making basic security mistakes.  Prevention is key when dealing with Cyber Threats.  This article provides tips and best practices to be more secure online as well as 6 Cyber Security Topics to watch in 2018.

Click the HERE to read the full article.



New OSHA Recordkeeping Guide


OSHA recently released an updated recordkeeping guide that details requirements for tracking employee injury and illness in the workplace via forms 300A, 300 and 301.  The new guide adds recently incorporated changes to OSHA guidelines.

It also simplifies reporting guidelines by merging the previous four OSHA reporting documents into a single guide.

Click HERE to view the guide.

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